You Can BUY DOOM Eternal Skins with MONEY Now?!

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You can BUY DOOM Eternal skins with real money now! Currently, it's the Ember slayer of Series 1 and the DOOMicorn Twitch Prime as microtransactions to purchase. I want to take this respectfully, and let you know what happened in DOOM news, and let you form an informed opinion. We did hear that this wouldn't happen, so it's quite an issue to discuss! I'll also let you know what my thoughts are at the end of the video!

I hope to bring forth both sides, and talk about what could've been done differently!
To make it clear - having some MTX is not bad. I play Clash of Clans, it has a LOT! Same for skins. Those are super popular to monetize.
It's just how it happened is what will get people upset, I feel.

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