Why you should be the LAST FAN to leave a baseball game -- post-game surprise at Wrigley Field

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Don't leave until you absolutely have to. That's the lesson. (And also: WHAT?!)

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This game took place on May 19, 2021. The Chicago Cubs took on the Washington Nationals, and the entire day was WILD. I started things off by catching a bunch of baseballs outside Wrigley Field on Waveland Avenue. I talked to the Cubs' new PA announcer, Jeremiah Paprocki, and later had a conversation with All-Star catcher Willson Contreras. There was a stellar pitching matchup (Jake Arrieta vs. Max Scherzer) and some history that took place in the process. Juan Soto and Javier Baez hit home runs and I got one of those baseballs! Kyle Schwarber was being cool. Fans and security guards battled in the bleachers over cup snakes. One of the managers got ejected for pulling 1st base out of the ground and throwing it. And you won't believe what happened after the game -- make sure to watch until the very end.

Chris Yon (@yonnernyc) filmed, and I did the editing. Thanks for watching/subscribing!
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