What GTA Online is like in 2021 (100+ K/D God Mode tryhards and more)

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Recorded early in 2021, this video shows a lot of things still haven't changed in GTA Online.

00:00 - Channel intro
00:11 - Loading into a session
00:48 - Scoping out the session (tryhards everywhere)
01:24 - Off radar Guided Missile strike
02:02 - Kosatka Submarine gets destroyed
03:15 - Spawning at the airport/Cringey text
03:43 - Heroic Nano Drone strike
04:13 - RC Tank takes shelter in transit station
04:41 - Weird message
04:45 - RC Tank killing
05:28 - RC Tank takes cover in airport building/More texts
05:44 - P-996 Lazer jet attacks, but fails
06:08 - More RC Tank gameplay
08:30 - Passive popping MKII Broomstick fail
09:20 - RC Tank destroyed/Bandito kill
09:51 - Ghosted player kills me/God mode warning text
10:30 - God mode player arrives (100+ K/D)
12:05 - Escaping the airport/Heading to my Arcade
12:49 - Quick Sprunk stop
13:00 - Watching a lot of EWO and strange glitches from my drone
14:04 - Channel outro

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