Welcome to Esperanza | Let's Play Far Cry 6 Gameplay Playthrough part 16

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Gameplay playthrough of Far Cry 6! I hope for more gameplay like Far Cry 3 and don't expect much deviation from a formula. Personally, I could really go for that right now.
Far Cry 6 playlist:

Earlier than expected, we go for Anton Castillo in a missions that's lower level than the zone it's in. Everything about this is strange; no doubt it all goes wrong.

Far Cry 6 playlist:

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Taking on the Cuban-inspired Caribbean island of Yara led by Anton Castillo in this new Far Cry. Seems to be taking inspiration from previous games like FC2 and FC3 - good times! It's more of the same, but what major AAA franchise several titles in maintains innovative creativity and still holds its own weight? Personally, I hope for more of the same. FC5 was really wild and felt rushed and another title like FC3 and FC4 would be very happily accepted by me!
Far Cry
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