Ubisoft Goes Free To Play in 2022

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Ubisoft has made a huge announcement that they are going Free To Play this coming year already but we've got more update from them in their recent earnings call which was reported by IGN that they are releasing some Major free to play games in 2022 apart from the already announced AAA titles for now. They've also confirmed that they are going to fully quit the AAA industry and move towards a free games format. AC Valhalla brought them the biggest profit of all time. They now have announced that The Division Heartlands is going to be their next free title that will release across all platform and that follows up with all of their other genres as well. Now Ubisoft has put out a statement that their upcoming AAA titles like Far Cry 6 and their major franchises will all be getting a free to play games here on moving forward with the new eco friendly plans. There is no doubt that assassins creed games these days are filled with microtransactions and maybe that could hike up in the future as well. For more Ubisoft upcoming games videos make sure to stay subscribed.

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