The Far Cry Series Is The Definition Of Insanity

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The Far Cry series is the definition of insanity. Consider this a far cry series retrospective. Listen I loved far cry 3, we all did, vaas was an absolute don. Its no secret that Ubisoft like to 'copy and paste' shall we say. Ever since far cry 3, ubisoft has copied the far cry formula and worn down a once novel and unique gaming experience. Far cry 4 was literally far cry 3 plus and then both far cry primal and far cry 5, while having some good ideas, just had to stick to the ubi lifestyle to the point of becoming boring. Far cry 3 blood dragon literally looks like the peak of a once innovative and creative series. Ubisoft am I right? Some would say far cry sucks or even that far cry 5 sucks and well, yes and no. Some would then say far cry new dawn sucks and thats kinda correct.

Lets hope that far cry 6 marks a mini comeback, but honestly don't hold ur breath. Consider this a far cry 3 review, a far cry 2 review, a far cry 4 review, a far cry 5 review and a far cry new dawn review. Lucky u!
Far Cry
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