The DOOM: Eternal Iceberg Explained

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Hello! In today's video I will be covering the DOOM: Eternal Iceberg! I know I don't usually make videos on DOOM but this felt like a good opportunity to do a video on it! This does have major spoilers for DOOM: Eternal, The Ancient Gods 1, The Ancient Gods 2 and some small spoilers for DOOM 2016. If you did enjoy, feel free to give this video a like and share it with your friends! Keep on gaming!

DOOM: Eternal is the most recent installment of the DOOM Franchise, it is the direct sequel to the reboot of the original DOOM game that was released in 2016. In DOOM: Eternal, the story of the Doom Slayer is concluded with many different weapons, enemies and strategies to Rip & Tear yourself to the Icon of Sin!

An Iceberg Chart is an image that has several 'Entries' which start with well known information that gets more obscure the lower down you go. It is derived from the phrase "Tip of the Iceberg" as not many people know about the entries near the bottom. This specific iceberg is about the game DOOM: Eternal.

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Intro - 0:00 - 0:29
Layer 1 - 0:29 - 3:39
Layer 2 - 3:39 - 7:55
Layer 3 - 7:55 - 11:13
Layer 4 - 11:13 - 14:12
Layer 5 - 14:12 - 16:59
Outro - 16:59 - 17:33

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