Prototype 2 GAWD Pisses Off Mercer

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Heller locates Dr. Archer, who plagued the Whitelight with Covid. After dealing with her, we learn that the tainted Whitelight turns people into Evolved. Heller also tried to kill Sabrina Galloway, a Mercer minion. However, by pulling the right strings, she was able to strike a deal with Heller by snitching. She gave him the location of Mercer's right hand man. When it came time to dispose of the Whitelight in the city, Mercer pulls up on Heller, trying to consume him. Little did he know that you cant absorb the biomass of a real gangsta like Heller. Mercer flees after his failed attempt. However, he managed to cause some deep trouble for Heller.

Doom Eternal ost - Fortress of Doom
Doom ost - Rip and Tear
Pokemon XD - Theme of Suspense
Mk11 ost - Credits

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Doom Eternal
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