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If you like tech talk, then you'll love my channel.

If you like jokes, pranks, satire, or just video game and console war drama, then you'll love my channel.

I Rated D have this channel that deals with the following
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Don't say i didn't warn
introduction or intro for myself.
I sometimes make review videos, but I do not always make review videos. Sometimes I also post preview videos on top of review videos because preview videos can be helpful for people just finding out about a new game from a trailer or demo or walkthrough or let’s play or lets play from conventions like E3 or Gamescom or PAX East or PAX Prime. Thank you for taking the time to watch my video game youtube videos about consoles like PlayStation or PS or PS1, PlayStation 2 or PS2, PlayStation 3 or PS3, PlayStation 4 or PS4, and PlayStation 5 or PS5. Remember that I do not like Xbox or Microsoft. I do not like Xbox One or the xbox series consoles like the xbox series x or xbox series s and I did not like Xbox 360.
Another helpful tip like tips and tricks, I also post videos about leaks or leaked information regarding PlayStation or PS4 or PS5 or PS6 and in these videos I report on every leak or bit of news I can find, especially if it deals with E3. I enjoy finding leaks or leaked info and trying to figure out what is happening. I am the number one source for E3 news and rumor and rumors and leak videos. I started out on youtube posting videos about PlayStation or PS3 or PS4 or PS5 games, but not Xbox. I would post gameplay trailers for multiplayer or story walkthrough clips.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch my youtube video about PlayStation like the PS1 or PS2 or PS3 or PS4 or PS5 and maybe even the PS6 because I love PlayStation and I love Sony products. I especially love big E3 announcements at the Sony or PlayStation conference. I love to post review or preview videos for E3 as well for each conference by Sony or PlayStation or Microsoft or Xbox or Nintendo or their Nintendo Direct videos or presentation videos or presentations. Thank you for watching.
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