Pagan Min vs Joseph Seed: Who Is The Better Far Cry Villain?

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Pagan Min vs Joseph Seed, Far Cry 4 vs Far Cry 5, who is the better villain? Well, it's Joseph. Hold on, before you rampage please hear me out. I like the character of Pagan but I don't think Far Cry 4 does him any favors. This video isn't about personality or backstory or any of that, it's about how the characters are used by their respective games and why Pagan was let down by Far Cry 4 while Joseph was propped up by Far Cry 5.

The Evolution of Far Cry 1 - 3:

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00:00 - 01:57 Intro
01:58 - 05:40 Pagan Overview
05:41 - 08:31 Joseph Overview
08:32 - 11:15 Relationship to Ajay
11:16 - 13:59 Relationship to Deputy
14:00 - 17:04 Pagan in the Plot
17:05 - 20:07 Joseph in the Plot
20:08 - 21:54 Conclusion

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