Outriders - A Bad Game That You SHOULD Play

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Outriders is a game that I can't call good, a game that I can call flawed, a game that I have to call bad, but I think you should play it to reap the benefits of its experience. Outriders is described as a story driven RPG-Shooter that will put the player in the shoes of an Outrider, the last hope of the human race trapped on Enoch, a dangerous and untamed planet. The campaign can be played entirely in single player, or in co-op with up to three players. If this is the case and the game is a story RPG then we must judge it off of that. With poor dialogue and writing, lackluster enemy variety, janky bugs, and a forgettable world, Outriders is a bad game Objectively for a triple A studio, HOWEVER for MY experience, I really enjoyed the game. The crafting, the expeditions, the legendary addiction, everything this side of the game had, the one noted side of the game was everything I have been itching for, being scratched. Outriders may be a bad game to some, but to me this game is one you SHOULD play for your experience alone!


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Time Stamps of Each Part:
Intro: 00:00
The Experience: 01:07
One Noted On Purpose: 04:58
Expedition Inconsistency: 08:03
Outro/ Bloopers: 09:10

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