NEW Game 2021 TOP10- New Game Trailers [2021 NEW GAMES] (FAR CRY 6) (OVERWATCH 2)

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NEW GAMES;New Games in 2021,What new games are coming?
When will the games take place in 2021?

New playstation5 games
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Hello friends, in this video we will watch the trailers of the games that will be released in would you like to know about your favorite game and the next video? Do not forget to write and like.

1- Far cry 6
2- Overwatch 2
3- God of war: Ragnarok
5- Hogwarts Legacy
6- Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
7- Gran Turismo 7
8- Diablo IV
9- Deathloop
10- 2
Far Cry
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