Neon Hell Teaser [DOOM Eternal Edit]

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Link to the full video:

For the "Neon Hell" montage I tried to gather some of the most creative and difficult combos DOOM Eternal can offer; I wanted you to see here things you couldn't find anywhere else, portrayed in the coolest way possible. Thanks to the amazing editing of SaimizZ, I think we nailed our objective.
So grab a seat, keep some tissues ready and enjoy the ride????
For the most part the gameplay (Nightmare difficulty) was recorded using some of elizabethany's custom master levels, Kaiser's Hell on Earth and the unbalanced randomizer mod by Proteh; as always huge thanks for their invaluable contributions to the modern DOOM community - if you wanna take a look at their channel here's the links:

I'll probably showcase more clearly some of these combos, especially heat blast and yeet blast based, in my Kaiser master campaign playthrough - whenever I find the time to do it xdds
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