Neon Hell [DOOM Eternal Edit]

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⊵ Soulless creatures burn, at the gates of NEON HELL ⊴

This video I'm very proud of. It's a collab with @Sylar one of the best DOOM Eternal players, imo he's the best and this video is clear proof of that.
He came up to me asked if I want to make a video, at first he said just a "combo compilation" but I had a better idea, I was already planning to make a 80's, neon DE video, so this offer was perfect, he recorded all the gameplay and I did the editing. He sent shit tons of clips, noted down where he starts combos and all this other shit, he did way more effort than just record himself playing the game, and I love that. Anyways, hoped you enjoyed this one, I really enjoyed making it!

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◌Music Used◌
Carpenter Brut - Le Perv
Carpenter Brut - Invasion (Slowed down 50%)

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