Most Soothing Voice In A Game Ever | Far Cry 5

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Playing this game, I started to feel so relaxed at how soothing this guys voice I would listen at it while trying to sleep at Now if only he wasn't so crazy

Welcome ladies and gents make sure to check out the full video of my Far Cry 5 blind gameplay Episode 1 right here :
Not my usual game to play as I usually do city building or mmo games but damned I've played this game now a bit and what a beautiful world and action packed gameplay, I also love that there is some sort of humor to be found in this game and I had so many times where I couldn't hold back my laughter. I really liked to play this game and hopefully can finish this one as well.
Hope you'll all like it.

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About this game
Far Cry 5 is a 2018 first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. It is the fifth main installment in the Far Cry series. The game takes place in Hope County, a fictional region of Montana, United States.

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