Monster School : FNF but Tabi vs Mobs Part 2 - Minecraft Animation

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Tabi is here! But what is he doing now?
Want to watch more of FNF monster school?

Inspired by the original game, Friday Night Funkin.

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✦ FNF TABI Ex Boyfriend Mod
♪ Song by Tenzubushi

✦ Character Design by Homskiy

✦ Charting by LadMcLad

✦ Rig/Stuff Creator ✦
KEN Facial Rig by Kenimation

✦ Map Creator ✦

✦ A Suburban Street by Jumbo_Studio

✦ mansion by crusty_gru

✦ Overwatch - Château Guillard by Atlas04m

✦ Spooky Mansion Halloween by Red Adryan

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Movement Proposition by Kevin MacLeod

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♦♢ Original map by xXElyrisXx ♢♦

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✦ The Ultimate FNAF 2 Pack by Shayzis
✦ Balloon Boy by IAmOnlyMasada
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✦ FFPS rigs & SpringTrap Rig by Creeper2555
✦ Purple Guy Rig by xXKanyeXx

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✦ Wooden Desk by viryz
✦ better house stuff by eeveewemmy
✦ Furniture Pack by I Can Do Minecraft
✦ Computer Rig by Zal-nimations
✦ Weapon Pack, Balloon Rig & Food Rig by BloxTheRigger
✦ Digital Alarm Clock Rig by Dan_the_man9000
✦ RGB Game Controller Rig by Adampig476
✦ Mircowave Rig by mbanders
✦ Gun Pack by Magicmaan775

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That Freddy inside the POSTER by kkguy570
That Bonnie inside the POSTER by LillyTheRenderer
That Chica inside the POSTER by Delirious411

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♪ Dark Gangsta Hip Hop Instrumental - Spike's Vibes

♪ Kevin Macleod - March of the Spoons
♪ Kevin Macleod - This House
♪ Kevin Macleod - Theme for Harold var 1
♪ Kevin Macleod - Theme for Harold var 2
♪ Kevin Macleod - Mischief Maker
♪ Kevin Macleod - Werq

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This is only part two of Tabi Friday Night Funkin Episode. You can watch part 1 by checking out my channel!

Tabi continues his journey. In order to get his appearance back, he has to collect 3 spellbooks. Will Tabi succeed? What happens next?

Friday night funkin is a game where you rhythm with cool people. This time, it's an animation about tabi from tabi fnf mod, a mod from the Friday night funkin mods community. In this fnf animation, you can watch mobs vs Tabi

This is a monster school minecraft animation. Check out more of my fnf animation such as among us Impostor, original fnf content like vs boyfriend if you're interested in fnf mods animation. Please check out more of my fnf minecraft animation on my channel.

I make funny monster school animation too, be sure to check them out!

This animation is brought to you by ghostblock animations

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