Minecraft but Creepers beat the game for you...

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Creepers can help you beat Minecraft now! Thanks for all your comments! Keep em coming for future video ideas.

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Today we’re playing Minecraft but creepers beat the game for you. You’ll need a few creepers to start, both to get gunpowder to make conversion dust and to have creepers to convert with the dust. These newly tamed creepers can be aimed to explode things or even be picked up and thrown, after which they’ll respawn so you can do it again and again. At first, these creepers will only be able to mine wood, but can easily be upgraded to mine stone, iron, and even diamonds. They can also be upgraded to have a larger explosion range. Once you can mine diamonds, it’s time to grind items into dust to upgrade the creepers further. Deep Black Dust will make a Blackhole Creeper, that can eventually be combined with a nether star to make an End Portal. Lightning Dust will turn creepers into charged creepers and Inferno dust makes the Nuke Creeper. The final upgrade available is the Dragon Missile, which allows creepers to launch themselves at and defeat the dragon. Which creeper was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Minecraft but creepers beat the game for you

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