M16A3 (M4A1) "OG" Blueprint - Call of Duty Modern Warfare (PS5)

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This video was requested by " RAIDERS shaheer" to play with the M16A3 (M4A1) & M9 (Renetti), on Call of Duty Modern Warfare !!
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Playing with the M16A3, built from MK18 Mod 1, the real name of the M4A1 and using the "OG" blueprint to have the carry handle on the M16A3, then the M9, built from the M9A3 by using the "Phantom Limb" blueprint to make it black, on Call of Duty Modern Warfare !!

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Timestamps :

00:00 - M16A3 (M4A1) & M9 (Renetti) Gunsmith
00:24 - 1º Gameplay on Khandor Hideout Map, Team Deathmatch
05:39 - 2º Gameplay on Promenade Map, Ground War

Soundtracks :
Call of Duty Black Ops OST - Pentagon

Comand & Conquer 3 Tiberian Influx

Killzone 1 Mission Success Theme

Settings :

Botton Layout - Bumper Jumper Tactical Flipped
Stick Layout - Default
Deadzone -
Horizontal Sensitivity - 20
Vertical Sensitivity - 20
ADS Sensitivity (High & Low Zoom) -
Aim Response - Standard
Aim Assist - Standard
Use/Reload Behavier - Contextual Tap
Slide Behavier - Tap

Call of Duty
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