Is Warzone Killing Call of Duty League?

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Recent comments by Clayster and Nickmercs have people wondering if Warzone’s success could actually be killing the Call of Duty League.

In a recent poll, Nickmercs asked his community what they enjoy playing most in Call of Duty, and over 70% picked Warzone, with Multiplayer getting a mere 19 percent of the vote. So Nickmercs’ audience, one of the biggest in all of twitch, would much rather play warzone than Call of Duty League style multiplayer.

Combine that with Clayster’s statement on a recent Zoomaa stream that Warzone was so successful that it was taking time and resources away from multiplayer, and you begin to understand why he and other pros are concerned about the health of Call of duty league.

When Activision is spending 100s of hours and big dollars to promote twitch events like World Series of Warzone to nearly a million viewers, while Call of Duty League Averaged just over 43k viewers for their first LAN major of the year, it does seem like maybe the company has their priorities on Warzone over CDL.

With a CDL slot costing 25 million for most teams, you have to wonder if pros and owners are right to be upset as multiplayer languishes while warzone keeps getting more time and money from Activision.


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