I don't think DOOM Eternal was meant for this level of quickswapping

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Just some extra ideas I had in store for the Neon Hell montage: Go watch it btw, it's amazing.
This one is a yeet blast into Ultrakill sticky bombs with a frag grenade (you'll see some of that soon, hopefully - first two levels of Kaiser campaign) into Ultrakill rockets into a fast lock-on into a final mod swap cancelled ballista. I actually wanted to fire more shots but he just dies
Needless to say, the correct concatenation of these techs is very very hard to pull off. An interesting thing i noticed is that the ultrakill rockets before the lock-on (or maybe the last one only?) have to be slightly slower compared to my usual speed - otherwise I get a slow lob. It's impossible to notice it from the clip, but it's a distinct feeling I've got while I was messing around with it.
Yeet Blast tech:
Ultrakill (or Melee Cancel) tech:
Fast Lock-on:
Doom Eternal
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