How to perform PUNCH-SWAP/ULTRAKILL TECH on Controller (DOOM Eternal)

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Finally I've finished

So this is my tutorial for performing the "Ultrakill"/Punch-Swap tech in DOOM Eternal with a Controller.

Overall it seems that Sticky Bomb Punch-Swaps are the easiest to perform as that one does not require the Weapon Wheel to perform, it's really just PB-Sticky-Punch-Sticky-Punch, over and over.

The others however are a tad bit difficult because of Weapon Wheel usage. The trick in performing the Punch-Swaps that require the wheel is often to Punch during that brief moment after you hold the wheel button and before the wheel shows up, otherwise you will not be able to Punch when the Wheel shows up. So for SSG P-Swaps for example, you want to Fire-Hold the wheel-Punch before the Wheel shows up-Select SSG during the Punch-Fire again-Repeat if you wish.

It's worth mentioning that for the Punch-Swaps such as SSG and Ballista (and the slow Punch-Swap version of Rocket Launcher), a low Weapon Wheel Delay isn't required, but for the more difficult and precise ones such as the PB and Fast Rocket Punch-Swaps, you are almost required to use the minimum 70ms delay.

Speaking of the PB and Fast Rocket P-Swaps, I'd like to elaborate on how to perform them a bit as they are the tougher ones to pull off.

So for PB in particular the inputs are:
Zooming in with PB-Holding the Weapon Wheel Button-Firing PB-Punch-Select PB Again During the Punch-PB or Repeat if you wish to continue the Punch Swaps.

The space between inputs is very very small and again the idea is to do the inputs before the weapon wheel shows up, so after you hold the wheel button, you want to fire and punch before the wheel shows, or else you will not be able to do either.

As for Fast Rocket P-Swaps or PB-Rocket P-Swaps the inputs are:
PB-Swap to Rocket-Hold Wheel Button and the Fire button for the Rocket-Punch-Select Rocket on the Wheel-Fire.

So the idea there is that after PB and switching to rocket, you want to hold the swap/wheel button immediately after switching and fire your rocket and punch before the wheel shows up and of course select Rocket Launcher during the Punch animation so you can fire another Rocket.

I hope this Tutorial as well as this description helps you guys who want to learn, and I hope that the video overall entertained you all! I wasn't originally planning to add a montage at the end, but I thought "I need to make a section where I show this in action, hmm, how should I do it? Oh a Montage!" and I think I did a pretty damn good job for a first time montage. But do let me know what do you guys think and be sure to Like and Subscribe!

And again a Special thanks to these fine YouTubers (be sure to sub to 'em):

Steel Cyclone (Original Person who discovered the Tech):

Sylar (Showcased and taught the tech to the community):

MMAFRoO (Posted a video of him utilizing the tech on Controller):

ControllerQuickSwaps (Very Epic Controller on PC Dude):

Mr. no life (DOOM Eternal Coach for Controller Players):

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DOOM Eternal - Mick Gordon - Title Drop:

DOOM II - Bobby Prince - The Healer Stalks (SC-55):

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