Far Cry 4 PS4 vs PS5 Backwards Compatible load time Comparisons

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Here we go, Let's see how Far Cry 4 plays on the PS4 (PS Quadruple) and The PS5 (PS Quintuple) in backwards compatible mode. This Video goes over how the load times are improved on the Best in Class SSD in the world you can only find on the Sony Playstation 5 currently!
Other Important Info, Far Cry 4 on the PS5 is unpatched and It never got updated, I just put the disc in and let it install and start playing and let the downloads finish this time unlike my other Playstation 5 videos! Also Far Cry 4 was running off the main SSD Storage the system comes with while my PS4 just has the stock 1 TB HDD in it and not an SSD! Hopefully if Resident Evil 4 Remake is happening it will have no load times what so ever thanks to the PS5's SSD which is the fastest SSD in the world in 2020! Also you can get this game for free thanks to Playstation's play at home initiative where you simply go to the playstation store and redeem the game for absolutely free!

Also Sony, Please do not Shut Down the PSP, PS3, and PS Vita Stores. There are so many classic games that many of us older gamers still want to buy! Also Thanks for the Ratchet and Clank 60fps Update on Playstation 5 and The Spider Man: Miles Morales Muscle Deformation update on PS5!

1:00 PS4 Pro/ps5 main menu Far Cry 4 main screen (1:09 Splash Screen Ends PS5/1:18 PS4 Pro)
1:57 Retry Loading test (2:05 PS5 Finishes/2:22 PS4 Pro Finishes)
2:26 Game to Main Menu Load Test (2:32 PS5 Finishes/2:35 PS4 Pro Finishes)
2:37 Continuing Game from Main Menu (2:51 PS5 Finishes/2:59 PS4 Pro Finishes)
3:07 Leaving Guest House to Dinner Room (PS5 finishes fast in the cutscenes)
4:40 Trevor character switching loading test (4:55 PS5 Finishes/5:04 PS4 Pro Finishes)
5:07 Getting caught by Marguerite reload test (5:31 PS5 Finishes/5:35 PS4 Pro Finishes)
5:40 "MIA" Video Tape loading back to main game test (6:43 PS5 Finishes/7:24 PS4 Pro Finishes)
7:30 Dying in dinner room reload test (7:38 PS5 Finishes/7:39 PS4 Pro Finishes)
7:50 Main Menu to Swamp Save Room (8:42 PS5 Finishes/9:20 PS4 Pro Finishes)
9:47 Main Menu to Zoe's Trailer (10:34 PS5 Finishes/11:26 PS4 Pro Finishes)
11:40 Main Menu to Guest House Attic Test (12:13 PS5 Finishes/12:32 PS4 Pro Finishes)
12:40 Main Menu to Laundry Room Test (13:31 PS5 Finishes/14:12 PS4 Pro Finishes)

Hopefully Resident Evil 8 Village's showcase on April 1st, 2021 will have some awesome surprises!
Also check out this funny video I made about Resident Evil 4 Glitches:

Stay safe out there from the pandemic and I hope you can get a Playstation 5 this holiday and game the best you can in this next gen world were coming in with these 120fps Video Game Systems for only $499 ($399 if you get the digital edition PS5) Hopefully Sony is able to restock for anyone who wants one this Christmas and holidays! We don't need anymore PS5 scalpers and hope no robberies for PS5 happen!
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