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???? In this video I'll show you how to complete 2nd island mission after wearing priveteer uniform.


0:57 Mission intro Over
1:06 Reach Destination
5:56 Found note


With the new uniform, you blend in with the Privateers, meaning you don’t have to worry about them attacking you, as long as you don’t do anything suspicious around them. Your job in this mission is to kill the traitors to Hoyt. There are three captains and one of them has a sheet with all of the names of the traitors. Hey are situated at an old temple, which is marked on your map. You also have access to fast travel around the southern island with your new uniform. It might be wise to go around and activate the rest of the Radio Towers now, since some of them have Privateers around them. Whenever you’re ready to tackle the mission, fast travel to Romeo Camp and head northwest from there to the marker. When you get to the camp, you’ll get a notice saying to use stealth kills, as this won’t make the mercenaries suspect you. It’s important to have the Takedown Drag skill, as you will want to drag and hide the bodies of the three men you need to kill.
You won’t know who the captains are when you get to the camp, but they are wearing berets and if you tag them, they have YELLOW MARKERS over their heads. Your best option is to use stealth, find and tag all of the enemies, including the captains, then watch their movements, as well as any enemies that are close to them. When they are alone is your best opportunity to kill them. Note that if you get caught, you won’t fail the mission, but you will
have a lot of enemies on your tail, including Heavy Gunners, Snipers and plenty of normal enemies. One captain is in the small cave at the top, while another walks around at the top, usually stopping in a small shack to look at something on a desk. The third captain is in the lower area, and generally walks on ground level and up the stairs where the snipers are located. Once all three have been killed, you’ll find a note. Leave the area to finish the mission.(MISSION COMPLETE)

????Note: If you get caught, you won’t fail the mission,

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