Doom Retrospective

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Doom gave players the tools to weaponize its namesake. Here's how they managed to do it for almost 30 years.

0:00 Intro
2:47 Doom + Doom II: Hell on Earth
20:27 Can it run Doom?
25:46 When Doom was doomed
28:50 Doom 3
35:04 Doom 64
39:18 The Slayer's Time is Now
44:25 Doom (2016)
57:29 Doom Eternal
1:18:15 Doom Eternal - The Ancient Gods
1:29:02 Conclusion

Watch Understanding the Music of Doom here if you haven’t seen it!

Thumbnail by HotCyder!

Karl Jobst - Documenting speedruns of Doom ports

Rebecca Heineman on the 3DO port of Doom
I wish Hugo Martin was my Dad (from Tyler McVicker)
Rip and Tear mix by Koma
Doom Eternal X Animal Crossing Animation
Tyler McVicker’s interview with Hugo Martin (There are multiple parts, so check out the rest as well!)

Source ports used:
Chocolate Doom

Doom Mods and WADs showcased:
Brutal Doom
Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny
Metroid: Dreadnought

Masters of Doom by David Kushner
Tom Hall - 5 key design lessons I learned directing Wolfenstein 3D
It Runs Doom! - Blog documenting the various devices that run Doom
2016 breakdown of video game sales by genre
How Doom 64 influenced Doom Eternal
Noclip - Doom Documentary: Part 1
Designing Doom Eternal’s New and Classic Demons
Marauder kill by Oyff
Marauder kill by Lightningbreak
Next Generation Magazine, January 1995 issue

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Intro by Pico:
Doom Eternal
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