Doom Eternal: Turbo Mode 2.0 - Showcase & Setup

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Demon Changes:
-2x Movement Speed
-2x Attack Output
-Faster Falter Recovery
-Enemies are randomized (even vanilla Fodder spawns can turn into Heavies or Super Heavies)

Slayer Movement Changes:
Movement Speed
-Increased Double Jump Height
-increased Ledge Grab Speed
-Faster Dash Cooldown
-Dash deals damage and sends Fodder or staggered enemies flying
-Slightly Faster Weapon Swap Speed
-Faster Mod Swap
-Glory Kill Speed Increased (with rune)
-Chainsaw Animation Speed Increased

Slayer Weapon Changes:
-Reduced Meathook Cooldown
-Chainsaw takes slightly longer to recharge, but can refuel all pips automatically
-The Sentinel Hammer is enabled for Base Campaign and both DLC's
-Microwave Beam Range Increased
- Microwave Beam Movement Speed Penalty Disabled
-Full Auto Shotgun Movement Speed Penalty Disabled
-Arbalest and Mobile Turret increase your movement speed
( stop shield spamming)
-Precision Bolt reloads much faster

-Slayer Changes:
-Demon Randomizer:
-Console Command: ai_haste_overriderate 2

Original Mods: (These are the original mods which I modified then packed into one file. Don't download them, but if you use my file be sure to endorse the original mods)
-Zoom Eternal by rexxpaul:
-Chainsaw Savagery by Elizabeth:
-New Game PLUS with Hammer by Humam2104:
-Supercharged Dashing by CrabEnabler:
Doom Eternal
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