Doom Eternal - The Ancient Gods Part 1 - M3: The Holt - Nightmare

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A legendary ending to a phenomenal DLC. Very fun designed map, the Blood Makyrs are wonderful additions to Doom's combat loop, and the final boss really pushes you hard.

What makes the boss so interesting is how you have a unique enemy type, two spirits that possess four different enemies, and the stage itself is a huge factor as well. The Blood Makyrs that respawn indef during the last few phases both help add an extra edge to the fight and act as a resource for the player to sponge off of in the event of low stack.


Mods Used (purely cosmetic)
Prinstream Maykr Slayer - Booliii1220:

Niflheim Weaponpacks:

Purple BFG-9000:

Pink Hammer:
Doom Eternal
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