DOOM Eternal - Series 10 leaks

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Just a quick and bad quality video.

This time i recorded the leaks but with a mod that made that unlocks previous series cosmetics, i didn't expect it to unlock future series as i wanted it to play with the Cultist Slayer (id Software please make cross save a thing, i want my stuff from console) so it did was a surprise, if anyone wants the mod i'll link the discord and the post, all of my thanks and credits to the discord user 007689 for creating the mod, Blubber for updating it and Drawder for uploading a fix (specially to him since he corrected me in some information).

Now that i (kinda) play on PC i can record more videos easily and with more quality, i'll do my best to improve a lot my editing, just don't take this video as an example, i hope you can enjoy my content.
Doom Eternal
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