Doom Eternal - First Time Trying Brawler Mode (Community Rules, Nightmare Mode)

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General Rules: All difficulties allowed, No extra lives, No glitches *, No abuse of Saving Throw resets, All Slayer Gates Required

Sentinel Crystals: One health upgrade only, No armor, No ammo

Rune Bans: Equipment Fiend, Chrono Strike

Suit Token Bans: Explosive Piñatas (ammo from barrels), Frag Stock Up (double equipment grenade)

Equipment Bans: Ice Bomb **

Weapon Bans: BFG, Unmaykr, Crucible, Ballista **

Mod Bans: Sticky Bombs, Precision Bolt, Heat Blast AND Microwave Beam, Lock On rockets, Energy Shield

Mod Upgrade Bans: Primary Charger (damage boost for Micro Missiles), Fast Hands (reload for super shotgun)
Doom Eternal
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