Doom: Eternal: Episode 2 - The Exalted of Exultia

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DOOM: Eternal was released in 2020. Developed by ID Software and published by Bethesda.

DOOM: Eternal picks up a little while after the events of DOOM 2016. And follows the exploits of the Doom Slayer aka Doom Guy aka Doom Marine aka Preator Suit Doom Guy on an Earth that has been consumed by parts of Hell. Our hero in green armour races to defeat the Hell Priests and Khan Maykrs in order to prevent the Hellscape that was linked to our universe through experiments on Mars from consuming Earth.

just as DOOM 2016 was a soft reboot of DOOM, DOOM: Eternal is a soft reboot of DOOM 2: Hell On Earth. it is fast paced, frenetic and as it's predecessor before it, brings old school shooter tropes into the modern age in a big, bold and unapologetic way.

All videos for this series can be found in the "DOOM: Eternal First Playthrough" playlist here:
Doom Eternal
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