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Cultist base is the third level of DOOM Eternal's main campaign. This video shows you a gameplay /playthrough of Cultist Base played in Proteh's Randomizer mod. This mod randomizes every enemy encounter in the base game and the DLCs, including secret encounters and slayer gates - every time you play, reload a checkpoint or retry a secret encounter.

The audio used in this video was composed by Mick Gordon and is owned by Bethesda/id Software, all rights go to them.

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List of all mods we used (downloaded from NEXUSMODS website):

Viewmodel FOV Mod | by COGSpartan130 - Increases the viewmodel FOV of each weapon, bringing the camera back further so you can see more of the weapon.

Enemy Randomizer (Balanced New Game Plus) | by proteh - The balanced version for New Game Plus of the enemy randomizer is balanced towards playing the base game or DLCs from a fresh new game save slot. The player will start the campaign with everything unlocked and the levels have specific balance for that.

Nicer Loot Drops FX | by proteh - This mod makes ammo loot drops all brown/yellow (2016/quakecon 2018 style - no more confetti ammo!), removes the bracket and icon around all loot drops (ammo, health, armor) and reduces the tracer effects when you pick them up, resulting in much nicer visuals overall and less clutter.

No more stagger effects | by xhunterx1208 - It removes the weird cartoon bird sound and/or visual effect for staggering.

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