DOOM Eternal - Consumption rearranged

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As per usual for my 'rearranged' series-thingy, I took all of the in-game files for Consumption, put them into Audacity, messed around for a bit, and this is the result.

Consumption, also known as Reaching the Nest, is the second combat track that plays in Super Gore Nest. I usually don't specify where these tracks play, as I really don't need to. However, this one is incredibly underrated, probably because Super Gore Nest is the banger of the level. However, that doesn't stop this one from being great. One of my personal favourite electronic tracks; it's crunchy peanut butter in audio form.

Once again: a MASSIVE shoutout and thank you to Zakalakari , Novi and Hyuck- from Spicy Demons Discord! They provided me all of these great photomode shots I use in this video. Go check their stuff out in the dedicated Photomode channel, as I didn't have enough time to fit all of them in. 36 dedicated images is quite difficult to fit inside one video, as it turns out.
SERIOUSLY, CHECK THESE GUYS OUT. Spicy Demons Discord, Slayer-Snaps channel, scroll up. Do it, or be consumed by the nest.

note: I didn't mix the music, this is how the files are in-game. There is still a bit of compression due to the music extractor and Youtube.

Music by Mick Gordon
DOOM Eternal by id Software
Photos from Zakalakari, Novi and hyuck-
Music extraction guide by u/Pirunvirsi on Reddit
File extractor: Vextil's Wwise Unpacker
Audio editing software used: Audacity
I don't own any of this s***
Doom Eternal
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