Doom 64 (2020) - Watch Me Die! Single Segment Speedrun in 55:53 (53:36 IGT)

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Doom 64 PC version on Watch Me Die! (WMD) difficulty. No saves/loads/deaths this time, and a better time! Played a bit safe in some areas, just wanted to get my first deathless run out of the way. Also skipped the completely free soulsphere at the start of holding area to skip the blinking lights for anyone out there who have problems with that (assuming they didn't die during my last video of course).

I haven't yet played the lost levels, I've been really enjoying this game so I'll probably do that soon, maybe I'll do a run of it as well afterwards.

Again I would highly recommend grav's N64 record (32:32 IGT, only 21 minutes faster than my time) if you haven't watched it:
And the TAS by Headshot (18:16 IGT) found here:

Level names: Time @ Starts at
Staging Area: 0:43 @ 0:05
The Terraformer 2:03 @ 0:51
Main Engineering: 01:40 @ 3:00
Holding Area: 0:52 @ 4:45
Tech Center: 2:30 @ 5:42
Alpha Quadrant: 2:36 @ 8:18
Research Lab: 1:52 @ 10:59
Final Outpost: 1:48 @ 12:56
Story Text: 14:50
Even Simpler: 1:59 @ 14:59
The Bleeding: 2:01 @ 17:03
Terror Core: 2:14 @ 19:09
Altar of Pain: 2:56 @ 21:29
Dark Citadel: 2:31 @ 24:30
Eye of the Storm: 1:29 @ 27:07
Dark Entries: 1:03 @ 28:41
Blood Keep: 2:30 @ 29:49
Watch Your Step: 2:03 @ 32:25
Spanwed Fear: 5:06 @ 34:33
The Spiral: 0:34 @ 39:45
Breakdown: 2:08 @ 40:24
Pitfalls: 2:31 @ 42:38
Burnt Offerings: 2:21 @ 45:13
Unholy Temple: 4:36 @ 47:40
No Escape: 1:28 @ 52:20
The Absolution: 2:02 @ 53:54
End text: 56:06

Total: 53:36

Some comments:
Alpha Quandrat: Terrible time, which isn't a surprise since the platform part is complete bs. I will definitely skip the rocket spam on the barons next time.

Even Simpler: What a disaster, didn't manage to spawn block a baron, decided I'd grab the mega armor at 168 armor since I don't really need it but then I took insane damage before even getting the invulnerability. Very fortunate to survive, had to take the next level slow at the start.

Pitfalls: Had a lot of health near the end so I could skip the soulsphere, then I took a lot of damage before going for the exit so I had to go get it anyways :)

Unholy Temple: I screwed up the linedef skip on the yellow key here, completely forgot about how close it was. I've never actually killed the cacodemons before, but I'll be happy with not doing something really dumb like dying to the turrets on the outside while killing the cacodemons.

The Absolution: Was a bit unlucky I think, one of the imps was chilling too much and showed up late for work/his rocket.
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