Can You Complete GTA 5 Without Wasting Anyone? - Part 21 (Pacifist Challenge)

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The best Grand Theft Auto V challenge is back! We continue to answer the question of how many people you personally have to waste to complete through Grand Theft Auto 5 (with a bit of comedy thrown in). ‘Can You Complete GTA 5 Without Wasting Anyone?’, or Pacifist%, also counts as a melee only challenge as the end of the series will also answer the amount of people you MUST melee to get to the end. This is of course very different from my old speedruns of the game but my knowledge in that area does help me sometimes. I hope you enjoy it.

- No personally ending anyone unless I must.
- If I have to do so, I must do so with melee.
- If I can't melee, I use my weakest weapon.
- No armour unless I can't progress.
- Mission must be completed without mods.

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