Call of Duty: Vanguard (Open Beta) | All Reload Animations

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This video edit is inspired by Hectorlo.
Subtitles inspired by frot
DP27 Belt Link clips possible thanks to Harshaditya Chada.

Animation Rating: 8/10
I like this game (for now)
oh yeah still fuck activision

0:00 Intro
0:06 1911
0:15 RATT
0:24 Machine Pistol
0:35 Sten
0:42 MP40
0:51 M1928
0:59 STG44
1:06 Volk
1:13 NZ-41
1:26 BAR
1:39 M1 Garand
1:51 ITRA Burst
2:01 Bren
2:07 DP27
2:33 MG42
3:03 Revolving Shotgun
3:18 Auto-Loading Shotgun
3:28 3-Line Rifle
3:35 Kar98k
3:41 3-Line Rifle (Stripper Clip)
3:50 Kar98k (Stripper Clip)
3:59 3-Line Rifle (Magazine)
4:05 Kar98k (Magazine)
4:11 Bazooka
4:15 Panzerschreck
4:20 Outro

Inspired by Hectorlo's "All Reload Animations in (n) Minutes" series.
*If my video gets claimed by Hectorlo, I will gladly private it.
*Tactical Reloads are not shown if they are just exact same with empty reload without chambering animation.
*I only count mistakes of the animation for my closed captions in these kind of videos. I dont count the flaws of the models, the date of production, etc.
Call of Duty
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