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Call of Duty Mobile is going FUTURISTIC in Season 14! Let's check it out ????
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The future is here, and to start with a clean slate we’re refreshing our seasons with the introduction of a brand-new Season One for 2021. Call of Duty: Mobile begins anew with a packed Season of content, including a new original Multiplayer map and extended Multiplayer game modes, new unlockable weapons, a new adrenaline-filled Battle Royale game mode, and a slew of new earnable rewards and Battle Pass content. No dilly-dallying now, Blitz is here as a brand-new Battle Royale variant featuring 40 players in a fast-paced match. It’s not much over ten minutes until the final safe zone forms, so stay alert and keep moving forward into ever more present danger. Don’t fret, though, as the map is filled with extra items to compensate for the mode’s shorter duration. From equipment to weapons, it’s only a short search away from a strong loadout, letting you focus on the battles ahead.

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