Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - (PS3) Multiplayer session with Ed

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So continuing with the reliving of some PS3 classics, we jumped onto CoD 4. A truly revolutionary game at the time. Still great fun today and still alive on consoles! (Just) We played some TDM's initially but due to bad lag switched over to 1v1's. Such a great game though and one of the best ever for PS3.

0:00:52 - TDM on Ambush
0:10:12 - Sniping 1v1 on Crossfire
0:21:03 - Shotgun 1v1 on Shipment
0:31:30 - Sniping 1v1 on Countdown
0:42:51 - Sniping 1v1 on Overgrown
0:53:32 - Normal 1v1 on Pipeline
Call of Duty
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