Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare #Mission1 - No copyright

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You can use this gameplay as you wish, it is free for everyone!

If you wish so, please give me the credits in the description or comments of your video.


----------WELCOME TO THE CHANNEL----------

Hello there! Welcome to the "Lima Charlie" channel on YouTube.
We are a platform channel focused on giving you the best gameplays, free of HUD, and free of copyright for everyone to use as you wish!

Our objective is to always record our videos at the best quality possible and trying to be as cinematic as possible.

---That's why we:---
-Record on PC using the MAX settings available;
-Use mods to enhance the visual fidelity of the games;
-Remove the HUD/UI in the games.


YES, yes you can. Our videos are copyright free and are intented for you to use on your projets as you please.

-----HOW CAN I HELP?-----

You can help the channel by sharing us with your friends or fellow YouTubers. You can also use our gameplays in your videos and credit us in the description, comments or in the video itself.
Not using AdBlock also helps us in a huge way.
Keep in mind that our project is 100% free of charge and intended to help other creators.
Call of Duty
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