BREAKING: Final Cold War DLC Update Gameplay Reveal | NEW Map, 4 Modes, FREE Bundle & Bonus Zombies!

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BREAKING: Final Cold War DLC Update Gameplay Reveal | NEW Map, 4 Modes, FREE Bundle & Bonus Zombies!

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0:00 - Introduction
1:10 - Be Sure to Checkout My IMPORTANT Der Unfang Zombies Video
1:28 - Haunting Event Starting Times & Roadmap Revealed Earlier Today
2:51 - Season 6 Reloaded is Just How it Was in Modern Warfare Last Year
3:09 - Early Gameplay Trailer, Event Ending Date & LTMs May Stay in Game
3:52 - 3 New Modes Coming to Multiplayer Tomorrow, Zombies Infected Returns
5:09 - SCARY Scream Deathmatch LTM With Ghostface Breakdown Explained
6:15 - Surprise Zombies Update, Mode, Bonus Easter Egg Ending & More
7:16 - This Might Be The FINAL Update From Treyarch For Cold War Zombies
7:35 - New Zombies Bonus Scarepackage Coming to Round Based & Outbreak
8:22 - Nighttime Verdansk Returning, NEW Ghosts Mode & Shocking Abilities
9:45 - Ghosts Of Verdansk is MUCH Bigger Than Zombies Royale Last Year
10:14 - FEAR Meter Feature Coming to The Haunting Update in Warzone
11:34 - No Updates For Rebirth Island, But Will The Map Go Away in Season 1
11:51- 19 FREE Unlocks & NEW Lapa SMG As Part Of The Haunting Event
12:44 - Timed Exclusive Halloween Bundles: Scream, Donnie Darko, Etc
13:42 - Bonus Bundles Coming With Season 6 Reloaded, Halloween & More
14:25 - Mystery Pre Order Bonus For Vanguard REVEALED: Ghost Of War
15:32 - Additional Update Coming On November 2nd, Final DLC Weapon?!
15:55 - November 4th Season 6 Reloaded Rumors, Here’s What COULD Happen
16:55 - Cold War May Get Random DLC Maps Even When Vanguard is Out
17:34 - Closing Statements

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