Ausmos - Letter (Explicit)

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Video Directed by - Mayank Danu ()
Video Produced by - Prajwal Joshi
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Song - Letter
Artist - Ausmos
Co Produced by - FraiDai ()
Mastered By - TheAbhi


I try not to cry
But those innocent eyes always pierce my mind
God why did this pain has to catch me alive
I dived out for my dream
But it died
At every corner of my mind
Stopped thinking straight now all I do is hide
Thinking it might chase my fears away
Some genius I am ain't I Abhi it's sum talent that I got
Is it fraid ??
Taking that leap now proving itself one of my best mistakes
Same could be said for you V
Fuck I hold myself as the fucking culprit
If it had to end like this why did we even met
Man I think so much
The reason that my demons chase me
Even when I got no fucking dirt on my face
I taste
Fear even in the brightest of days
Even though I’m in this fight empty handed
Pen is my weapon and writing is my gift
These hardships that I get
Is it really worth it??
Riskin everything I got
All those late night talks
Those minimal walks
Singing those songs
But fuck it
These lyrics don’t matter
Doing everything we can to protect the other
But in the process never realising
We kill that other
My whole life has been in search of the real ones
Whilst in my way I lost many brothers
Ain't no way ya'll gonna hear this
But I hope you are better


I don’t mean to bother
But consider this
As the last fucking letter
That I ever wrote
Pen is where myself erupt
Can't even tell you all those mini notes
That I wrote
Everyone thinks that I am emotionless
But that ain't the case
Got better at hiding things
I am a motionless dummy
I guess that it's funny
Thinking that I can get into this shit
Make my parents proud
It’s almost over for me
Just wanted to get better
Man I met her
Wrecking myself over the same mistakes
Some guts it takes
To stand up again
Lost in my ways
I am just counting these days
But man I cant quit thus music
My soul is still waiting for the day
Satisfaction at its prime of a state
Overthinking has got me wake
But the fear of these thoughts
They tear my brain
Don’t need no many
Don’t need no any
Just need someone
Who really gets my taste
But then again its the greatest of needs
In search for that heat
I have been
Travelling far
But ain't got no beat
That’s made of my heart
I have been trying to fit
But it's getting so hard
Ain't no time for no shit
But I am deep in his jar
Can't even move my feet
But I am peeping so far
Its a speeding race
And I am just sitting in my car
Soul is the limit
And brain is the card
Do I aim for the sky
Or should I aim for the stars
Seems undoable
But then again
Maybe its not that hard
Maybe I can reach that mark
Maybe I can play this game
And I'm sorry for those mistakes
Don’t know bout you
But I'm starting
Far Cry
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