AEW Console Game: 10 Reasons To Be Excited! ????

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As the AEW console game looks set to be one of the most anticipated wrestling games in years we take a look at 10 Reasons to be Excited!

Could AEW open the "Forbidden Door" again? ????

00:21 Yukes
01:11 Gameplay
01:56 Unreal Engine
02:34 New Match Types
03:15 GM Mode
03:50 Story Mode
04:25 Graphic Style
05:02 Gamer Executives
06:08 Post-Launch Updates
06:41 The Forbidden Door DLC?

What are you excited for in the AEW Game? The gameplay? The roster? CM PUNK!? Let me know in the comments what you're excited for, or if you're more interested in WWE 2K22!

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