A Nintendo Listing Adds More Direct Speculation And A Big PS5 Game Gets Teased? | News Wave

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There have been a lot of questions around what Nintendo is doing when it comes to their full scale Directs since they haven't had one in over a year, but a new listing on Nintendo's site is adding to the speculation around the Direct format not being gone just yet. Sony is working to reinvest more into their gaming division and a new game may have been teased the other day by the Silent Hill composer.

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00:00 - Start

00:45 - Stubbs The Zombie Coming

2:02 - Overwatch 2 And Diablo 4 Release Dates

2:57 - Sonic Lego

4:07 - Nintendo Direct Job Listing

8:06 - Silent Hill Reveal Teased

9:58 - PSVR DualSense Patent

13:00 - Amazon CEO Talks Games

15:12 - Poll

16:43 - Comment Of The Day

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